¨BaltinKrogs¨ your country house

We have what you are looking for, this is the place to be!
If you are tired of the city and noise, if you are looking for peaceful and quiet place in the middle of nature just to enjoy and relax ....

Rural house located within the natural park Dvietes Paliene, ornithological paradise. Latvia a world to discover.

If you want or need to run away for a while from the city, baltin krogs is your place
Located in the most rural corner of that unknown letonia, far from its most famous touristic places and situated in the environment of the natural park " dvietes paliene" included in nature web 2000.
Traditional house built in wood restaured respecting its idiosyncrasy but with a little touch of modernity, using back items of the past.
Wide fields pf 10 000 sq m. Fruit trees, pond, smoke sauna, without telephone wifi or tv. That is why Baltin Krogs is your ideal place to discover and enjoy nature. We offer a different place to rest and where to forget completely the stress of our daily lives.
https://www.google.lv/maps/place/Baltin+Krogs/@56.0318574,26.2135965,3a,75y,243.17h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sffq_XAIpxxQfqqk5w0OZPw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m2 ! 3m1! 1s0x0: 0x4651e31fa2b166d8! 6m1! 1e1

¨Baltin Krogs¨
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The black sauna

The black sauna has no chimney. When the fire is burning, a hole is opened in the roof to allow the smoke to escape. This fire is fed until there is enough heat stored in the stones to maintain the temperature of the sauna. Before the sauna can be used, the fire must be extinguished, the embers must be removed and all surfaces inside the sauna must be cleaned of ashes. The smoke door in the roof is closed, and then people enter. One of the advantages of the black sauna is that smoke is a natural disinfectant, so the interior of a black sauna is completely disinfected each time it is used. A white sauna should be disinfected by other means. At the beginning of the last century, they were all black saunas. The disinfectant properties of the smoke also made the Sauna the cleanest place available. The Sauna was used for the treatment of the sick, delivery room and even funeral parlor.