To say that Latvia boasts pristine nature is no exaggeration, which means that many options are available for green tourism from simple walks in the woods to special offerings for bird-watchers, hunters and friends and connoisseurs of nature.
The treasures of Latvian nature are accessible to everyone, as the main objects of value are the property of the state. In our country, one can freely access rivers and lakes, the sea and the forests – while, of course, respecting private property and protecting the environment. Therefore, you must definitely take advantage of the opportunities that Latvia offers to the friends of nature because, in our day, an escape into nature and unhurried green recreation is an invaluable experience and memory – and in fact, even a necessity of life. Do you wish to go on a hike? Go right ahead! There is nothing better than going for a walk in the Gauja National Park, observing the sandstone outcrops and the caves they contain! You can also visit the banks of the rapid-filled River Amata, head to the Kurzeme coast or the land of the blue lakes, Latgale – you can find hiking routes everywhere that will leave an impression. Want to go mushroom or berry picking? All Latvian forests are full of nature’s bounty! Want to see wild animals? Then you should head for the Līgatne nature park or simply go out and see them in the wild! Or maybe you are tempted by bird-watching? You are welcome to that, too: in Pape, at Lake Engure and many other locations there are special towers for bird-watchers. Would you like to explore the unique ecosystem of marshlands? Be our guest: at the Ķemeri marsh within 50 km of Riga and elsewhere there are even special nature trails. But even that is not all - this is merely a tiny fraction of the broad possibilities available to tourists who wish to go out into nature. Everything is possible in Latvia; all you need to do is enquire and search a little more carefully. It is not in vain that the recreational opportunities offered by the Latvian state forests have been dubbed “Mammadaba”

out our region

Latgale is very different from the rest of Latvia. Not only the people's mentality, language and traditions are different, but also the rugged terrain and the landscape diversity of Latgale.

Latgale also known as the "land of blue lakes", because here in the forests and grasslands, often invisible from the road, are hidden lakes, including the largest lake in Latvia – Lake Lubans (82.1 km2) and the deepest lake in the Baltics – Lake Dridzis (maximum depth 63 m), Ezezers with 36 islands and one of the clearest lakes in Latvia - Velnezers, famous for its distinct, Latvia native aquatic bluish-green water color.

Latgale region is rich with its varied culture, and nowadays it is distinguished by the fact that Latgale remains the region where one of the Latvian language dialects is still spoken daily - "Latgale language".